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Is Windows Defender a Good Antivirus?

Windows Defender is available for users of Windows 10 as a free product. Many users are sure that this security solution provides them with a high level of protection. But, is Windows Defender a good antivirus or there are reasons to look for the more reliable product? Let’s look at the strengths and weaknesses of this solution to be sure about a choice.   Can Users Rely on Windows Defender? There are lots of reasons to appreciate Windows Defender. It provides users with access to real-time threat detection, a cloud-based malware protection library, it offers useful tools for parents, and great firewall protection. Microsoft, the company that developed Windows Defender, has made lots of improvements over the past few years. Although, there still are some flaws. For example, parental con

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The Best Glass Door for Dogs

A sliding glass door for dogs is an ideal entry for dogs of small and large breeds. Thanks to the built-in sensor, which reads information from the microchip implanted to your pet, other animals will not be able to enter your house. You can also use the door for cats with the included RFID collar. For especially easy use and programming, this cat door has an LCD display. We want to draw your attention to one of the best pet door for dogs - the SureFlap smart door. Smart Door SureFlap At the touch of a button, the SureFlap Pet Door saves your four-legged friend's chip number. It is possible to program it on 32 different numbers. Once the chip number has been saved, the SureFlap door will open only for your favorites. Alien dogs and other uninvited guests will not be able to enter your ho

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