The Best Glass Door for Dogs

A sliding glass door for dogs is an ideal entry for dogs of small and large breeds. Thanks to the built-in sensor, which reads information from the microchip implanted to your pet, other animals will not be able to enter your house. You can also use the door for cats with the included RFID collar. For especially easy use and programming, this cat door has an LCD display. We want to draw your attention to one of the best pet door for dogs – the SureFlap smart door.

Smart Door SureFlap

At the touch of a button, the SureFlap Pet Door saves your four-legged friend’s chip number. It is possible to program it on 32 different numbers. Once the chip number has been saved, the SureFlap door will open only for your favorites.

Alien dogs and other uninvited guests will not be able to enter your home. Additional protection against the penetration of alien animals is the double locking mechanism, which is activated automatically when a foreign animal is recognized. Thanks to this, for example, raccoons will no longer be able to open the door from the outside and enter your home.

However, the door is protected by a double locking mechanism from the inside. Thanks to double protection, even the smartest pets will no longer be able to open the door and go outside.

Reliable protection and home access for your dog

An additional function of pet doors with the SureFlap microchip is the ability to program the entry and exit blocking times. This way you can determine when the pet door will need to open or close.

In addition to programming the time, you can also use the following functions: completely open, only input, only output or completely closed. You can of course also deactivate the microchip recognition mechanism, so that any animal can enter.

The SureFlap pet door with a microchip can be integrated into any door or wall. For optimal installation, you can purchase an extension tunnel or mounting adapter for glass doors. Detailed instructions for installation in various types of doors and walls can be found in the attached instructions.

SureFlap Home Features

SureFlap pet door with a microchip has a number of advantages and advantages:

  • perfect for dogs
  • works with all running chips (9, 10 and 15-digit)
  • remembers up to 32 chip numbers
  • solid and reliable
  • prevent the entry of alien animals
  • with double locking mechanism
  • does not cause drafts
  • with magnetic lock
  • with lockable buttons and LCD for easy programming

So, SureFlap for dogs is a battery-powered door with a microchip that only allows your dog to enter. There is no need to use a collar to enter. To do this, you can use pendants on the collar or a microchip that the veterinarian introduces the dog. However, we prefer to use microchips that provide reliable identification because they cannot be lost. But if your pet is not like this or you cannot pinch it, but you want to buy a SureFlap badge (1 pcs in a set), always use a fixed buckle collar to make sure that the badge will not be lost.

This dog door has an LCD display and can be installed for 32 dogs/cats. You can set the time when your pet will be able to come and go, and thereby have full control over your pet. Unlike double scanning, this door only scans your dog’s arrival. Any dog ​​without a chip can leave.