The Simplest Security Software Vipre

Vipre Advanced Security is the simplest antivirus software you can find. A well-known company has delivered an excellent product with the simplest and most convenient interface as well as a few extra features. It underwent numerous independent tests and scored high (a little below excellent). Let’s get to know this software a bit better and find out if it’s worth the money.

The general appearance

The interface has only 3 sections:

  • MyVIPRE;
  • Account;
  • Manage.

Use them to control the software and run (or plan) a scan. Manage division has the rest of the features that are united in categories of Antivirus, Updates, Email Firewall, and Privacy. Let’s find out more about each subdivision.

  • Antivirus. It contains a quarantine zone, advanced protection options, etc. You are sure to find a Quiet Mode here. When turned on, it just deals with all possible threats without sending you numerous notifications.
  • Updates. That’s where ThreatNet cloud is located. The program uploads all the threats to the cloud in order to learn all about it.
  • Email section offers the user to filter mail in Outlook or scan Thunderbird.
  • Firewall. It’s an extra layer of protection that you can control. Decide which apps can have inbound and outbound communication and set the rules for all kinds of intrusions.
  • Privacy. This introduces another feature, called Social Watch. You can use the antivirus to check your Facebook timeline as often as you wish. Another feature you’ll like is Secure File Eraser. It shreds files in a very secure way.

The performance

The tests have shown that it does deliver solid protection. During the tests, it scored 98.3% detecting threats and 100% detecting malware. It’s one of the best antivirus solutions that score high in all possible tests.

Pros and cons

The advantages of using this software include Bitdefender antivirus and antispam engines. It’s also relatively cheap to cover many PCs. Another great feature is the customizable firewall. Every user can get a 30-day free trial version. It’s available on the official website. Just leave your email and get to use it for 1 month totally free of charge.

However, some advanced users might find it not very configurable. The independent testing is quite average and the software has a slow response to the support query. Other weaknesses include the lack of personal profile or identity protection. There’s no MacOS or Android version making it available on Windows devices only. Users also often mention that the antivirus does not provide with webcam and microphone protection.

Should you buy it?

Vipre Advanced Security gained popularity by its simplicity. It provides excellent protection and doesn’t bother you with tons of unnecessary details. The pricing is moderate and totally worth the cost. However, if you need more features like password managers or file backups, take a look at other software. This powerful program if great for the average users, who don’t know much about PC and how to use the antivirus’ features.