Bitdefender VS Avast: How to Make Your Choice in 2019?

Bitdefender is arguably the best antivirus software on the market. Avast, however, win millions of users over by a free plan. It definitely makes people think several times about upgrading. Let’s get a brief overview of both products and their features to find the most suitable solution. Our review will focus on 5 main factors: features, protection, simplicity, pricing, and customer support.

Features that matter

Both software products have tons of extra features, even the free Avast Antivirus goes beyond just malware removal.

Bitdefender has different sets of extra possibilities that are directly reflected in the price. Total Security (the priciest) is truly worth your attention. It comes with a password manager, great core security, rescue mode, and even a limited VPN. Additional features account for a social network and webcam security.

Avast also offers a number of features depending on the version you choose and how much it costs. The most expensive plan has basically the same characteristics as Bitdefender. Nevertheless, this antivirus stands out by its free version. It delivers core protection, password manager, and a Wi-Fi security advisor for all users. This brought the company to fame as the provider of the best free antivirus software.

The most significant factor is the protection

The lab tests show very close results and excellent levels of protection.

How user-friendly are they?

Bitdefender has very simple navigation due to “quick actions”. Avast is missing this feature but it stands up to its rival. It’s probably the best interface available on the market. It has 4 scanning modes and integration with Google. Some parts are gray (meaning you have to change your plan to use them).

Thoughts on Pricing

This factor is very personal since everybody has a certain point of view on how much it should cost. Bitdefender has a more logical lineup of products to help protect all your devices. 1-year plans start at only $2.92 per month and can cover up to 10 devices. Avast has a bit different models that may also work for you. Their paid versions start at $5 per month (also up to 10 devices). However, if a basic plan is good enough for you, just download a free version.

The support team

While this factor is often neglected, the support system may be really handy. Bitdefender delivers all kinds of support including a live chat as well as support via email and phone. The users can also find the needed information in a deep knowledge base, how-to videos, and forum. Avast support system is quite average. The knowledge base and forums are very helpful and rich in information. However, a user can’t reach a specialist via live chat or phone.

The conclusion of the debate

In general, Bitdefender is easy antivirus software that delivers lots of useful features for an affordable price. It’s often considered the best in the industry. In case you are in search of free antivirus, Avast is your best choice. You may get the good core protection without spending a penny but be ready for some of the Avast’s ads.