Bitdefender Threat Scanner: Error has Occurred

Bitdefender is an antivirus software company from Romania. Florin Talpe created it in 2001 and is the CEO. Internet of stuff security system Bitdefender is called BOX. The box is a router that is designed to protect smart home and internet items of stuff by blocking malicious internet traffic.

It can be used both on Windows and Mac. Bitdefender GravityZone for business safety is being advertised to corporations. It provides self-configuring kits for use from desktop to cloud, software that protects physical, digital and cloud endpoints and software that uses the malware data network to stay up-to-date. The application of Bitdefender GravityZone for small companies looking for pure protection.

Bitdefender Threat Scanner

The Threat Scanner can be used to track the devices, Servers, and additional storage for potentially harmful malware and threat as well as in areas not installed or implemented with the most up-to-date security updates. When the scanner detects a threat, the infected filename or folder will be quarantined. You will be warned and given the options to delete the file or isolate the computer that the infection stops or prevents further information loss. You must boot into Bitdefender’s rescue area for malware which will not go home.

It restarts the system from the secret disk sector and scours the Windows partition. Most anti-virus providers such as Bitdefender provide free downloads to be loaded or burnt to a USB drive, but Bitdefender also builds them directly into their programs. Bitdefender offers web traffic monitoring and updates, like most virus anti-virus apps, so that they can protect you from fraud and malware.

The default system setting for detecting infected files is an automated weekly scan, but its options menu can change the frequency. To order to deal with security issues, you can also periodically set the service to search different files, directories or computers. If you are worried about a recent threat, you can also run an immediate scan from your computer/network.

Error has Occurred

A problem that Bitdefender Threat Scanner error can cause is when you attempt to apply the service to a system that cannot support the service. While supporting all Windows XP and later, the business class service requires 1 GB of RAM and 1.8 GB of free hard disk space which are not and are typically an issue for all laptops or netbooks. For his business class offers, your information technology personnel or a technician will have to assess several different requirements for you. In many of its advertisements and marketing materials, Bitdefender does not use the term “Bitdefender Threat Scanner,” and consumers are typically faced with a software name when a product-related error message occurs.

According to the firm, this usually happens when the Bitdefender product suite is updated and can be easily remedied by applying patches created specifically for your operating system. Coincide with the upload to your computer, particularly when things are designated for 32 or 64-bit operating systems, for these and other updates and patches.

Another problem that people have faced is an error message regarding threat scanner, which appears every time they turn on the pc.


There are many solutions to these errors. The one is, and the most common one is patching, there is a file named threatscanner.dmp, which causes the problem. You can download the data quickly from the internet and repair that soon by replacing the original file, and the error will be removed. The other simplest way to do is reinstall the software, and all the problems will be gone.

Bitdefender’s Safe Files feature places key items in the unmodifiable directory and its Ransomware Recovery preserves copies of the encrypted files to be restored automatically. It also prevents file-less attacks, threats to the Unified Extensive Firmware Interface (UEFI) system boot routine against potentially unwanted applications (PUAs). So there is an obvious chance that the software already has made all the changes and correct itself automatically.


The Bitdefender antivirus line-up is one of our fullest ransomware, file shredding and encryption, parental controls and system optimizers. The security of Bitdefender from online threats is very strong, and the program doesn’t slow the computer down unnecessarily and can whip the hard drive in record time. With any paid Bitdefender software, you provide 24/7 help and can contact a technician via the online chat window. Within 24 hours and upgrade to premium security cuts waiting for a few hours, Bitdefender has promised a response.